Effective Systematic Game Prototyping

Organized by Allan Lavell

Prototyping a game is a finnicky business with a number of difficulties:

  • Small parameter changes can result in huge gameplay changes
  • It's difficult to keep track of all of the different parameters that can affect the game
  • It's easy to get caught in an infinite loop of minute tweaks that don't actually progress the project
  • It's hard to quantify what makes the game rad or lame
  • Prototyping is about thinking flexibly but often tweaking processes end up being fairly rigid

The list goes on.

For the past 2 weeks and during railscamp weekend, I've been prototyping a 4-player competitive game. This session is about my experiences with these prototyping problems, and the solutions I've been working towards. The session will be followed by a demo of the game that anyone can pick up and play.


Projector + 4 PC game controllers

Still room for 9999996 people

Time & Date
Time TBD
Indoor Basketball Court