[workshop] Encrypt ALL THE THINGS

Organized by Sebastian Kippe

Let's have a mini cryptoparty!

If you're still sending around your company emails unencrypted, are using Skype for chat, or carry around your laptop with an unencrypted hard drive, you probably know you shouldn't, and this workshop is for you!

Even though people oftentimes say it's all too complicated and hard to set up, that's not entirely true, and once you've set it up, you too will have that warm fuzzy feeling of being in charge of your privacy.

So, join us for a small cryptoparty and encrypt ALL THE THINGS from now on. Everybody is invited, including people who have experience with this topic.


Bring a photo ID, if you want your PGP key signed by some people you don't know. Other than that, no requirements whatsoever.

Still room for 2 people

Time & Date
Time TBD